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PET - Positron Emission Tomography

PET (Positron Emission Tomography) images are created after intravenous injection of a tiny amount radioactive glucose called FDG. Glucose is taken up by all cells in the body, but is taken up to a greater degree by tissue with high metabolic activity such as cancer. FDG PET is also useful in the evaluation of certain neurologic conditions in the brain by identifying specific areas of decreased metabolism, and in the heart by evaluating the viability of heart muscle tissue.

During exam, you will be asked to lie flat on your back. CT images will done first then fused with the PET images after which will take up to 24- 35 mins depending on your height and weight, movement is not allowed during this process.


After the exam, your images will be reviewed by the radiologist who creates a report that is sent to your physician. Your results will be given to you by the physician who ordered your exam.


Additionally information about PET exams in general or a specific exam can be accessed at

Exam Preparations

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to allow for registration and exam preparation.

  • Notify us at the time of scheduling and at the time of arrival of any allergies or special needs.

  • Bring your insurance card, photo ID and physicians order to your appointment time. If worker's compensation, please bring your adjuster's information and your authorization.

  • Wear comfortable clothing. 

  • To ensure the highest quality procedure in a safe environment, we are UNABLE to provide child care services for you during your exam. Please do not bring unattended children to the imaging centers.

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Pylarify PET/CT - an improved PET/CT scan could mean an improved prostate cancer treatment!

​Valley Radiology is proud to announce that we now offer Pylarify PET/CT exams which can aid in the early detection  of prostate cancer. When detected early, 5-year survival rates for prostate cancer found in the prostate area can be as high as 100%. A PET scan with Pylarify provides you and your doctor a clearer image of where the prostate cancer is and helps your doctor make more informed treatment choices. Ask your doctor if a PET/CT exam with Pylarify is right for you.

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