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Other Services

In addition to our traditional diagnostic imaging services, Valley Radiology offers a variety of other services, including but not limited to: personal injury and Worker's Compensation Liens, Clinical Research Services, PET/CT Patient Transportation, Authorization Assistance, and a Breast Navigation Program.

Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation Liens

Personal Injury Liens


PI Liens are required for all diagnostic imaging services

provided to your client by Valley Radiology Consultants

Medical Group. Clients may be scheduled with an Attorney’s

Lien Form and physician’s order easily, professionally and

conveniently. This process improves turn-around times for

client imaging and allows expedited reporting to you and

the client’s medical provider. To receive a copy of the lien

form, please contact our Lien Coordinator -

Celine Collins: (858)

Workers' Compensation Lien Cases


Workers’ Compensation Lien cases are handled professionally and managed through our billing services and payers as required. Clients may be scheduled with a physician’s order easily, professionally and conveniently to provide imaging, reporting and billing services.

Clinical Research Services

Our Clinical Research Team offers a wide range of imaging-related services to contract research organizations, core-imaging labs, biopharmaceutical companies and biotechnology corporations. Valley Radiology provides expertise in studies requiring sensitive material handling, strict confidentiality, and highly effective project management.

Valley’s experienced and dedicated team of subspecialty-trained radiologists is supported by a highly skilled group of radiology technologists and administrative assistants. Valley Radiology provides expertise in all aspects of your clinical study needs, from advanced and highly specialized, complex studies to routine trials.

Authorization Assistance Services

Insurance companies sometimes require prior authorization which means that your insurance will review the exam item requested to determine medical necessity. If exam is deemed medically necessary the exam will be approved. Requirements for the authorization assist are order / referral, clinical notes and labs all provided by your primary care physician.  

Customer Service
Holding Hands
Breast Navigation Program

Valley Radiology's breast navigation program will provided an advocate to represent the needs of the patient and family. If you are diagnosed with abnormal breast imaging, you and your family will have questions and concerns. A healthcare professional who provides education and support to all women concerned about their breast health.There will be tests to schedule and treatment options to consider. 


At Valley Radiology Consultants, we provide an experienced professional to help guide you and your loved ones through the process.

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