Fee Schedule

The following prices are based on payment in full at the time of your exam. Valley Radiology does not submit claims to insurance for imaging studies paid at time of service. Cash rates may not be applied to insurance deductibles due to State and Federal regulations.

Health Insurance Plans:

Valley Radiology is contracted with insurance carriers and is required to submit claims for covered imaging services. Billing to insurance plans is based upon established fee schedules and contractual agreements with each insurance plan and does not reflect our Cash Fee Schedule.

All patient deductibles and co-payments are determined by your insurance plan. Deductibles and co-payments may not be waived or reduced. Unmet deductibles and co-payments will be billed to each patient and is the responsibility of the patient. 

MRI Exams

MRI without contrast -  $395

MRI with contrast and MRI without and with contrast - $550

CT Exams

CT without contrast - $250

CT with contrast - $350

CT without and with contrast - $375

CT Abdomen/Pelvis without contrast - $325

CT Abdomen/Pelvis with contrast - $375

CT Abdomen/Pelvis without and with contrast - $400

CT Chest/Abdomen/Pelvis without and with contrast - $450

CT Low Dose Lung Screening - $200

CT Calcium Scoring Screening - $100

CT Colonography (Virtual Colonoscopy) - $500

Urogram - $400

PET/CT - $1400

Other Imaging

Ultrasound - $200

HSG (Essure Only) - $595

X-Ray - $50

Women's Imaging

Screening Mammogram (2D exam) - $140

Diagnostic Mammogram (2D exam) - $140

3D Tomo Mammogram (Add-on to 2D exam) - $50

Breast Ultrasound - $120

Breast MRI - $650

Ultrasound Pelvis and/or Transvaginal - $200

DEXA - $75


Interventional Procedures

Ultrasound Guided Core Biopsy** - $800

Stereotactic Core Biopsy** - $800

MRI Guided Core Biopsy** - $1,150

US Guided Cyst Aspiration** - $200

US Guided Needle Localization - $550

Mammographic Needle Localization - $300

MRI Guided Needle Localization - $950

Epidural Steroid Injection - $275

Joint Pain Injections - $100

Fine Needle Aspiration (Thyroid nodules/Lymph nodes) - $300

Sonohysterogram - $310

**Does not include fee for Lab Specimen 

For exams not listed, please call us for pricing.